September 2007

Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Its late here. Just wanted to let you know that I love your site. I am agnostic. Because I was raised by my parents and they took me to church. I can’t do the whole bible god thing. But its hard to pull away from what my parents and church have taught me. But there is no proof to it at all and it is all faith based. I came to that realization when I was 9. But there is no evidence proving that there is a god. From what I have read on the net there is more evidence for evoluiton than there is god. And my dad told me that if I prayed that god would help me to belive. Well beliving my father I prayed. And guess what nothing happend. I am still an agnostic but I am leaning towards atheist. Again I really like your site. Please keep up the good work and best regards to you.

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