September 2007


I stumbled upon your site and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I actually was what I had assumed myself to be this whole time, a no good stinking atheist.

I would like to point out something to you that you may or may not know about and you can actually apply them to almost all of the “Arguments Against” page. They are called Logical Fallacies. Like I said, maybe you have heard of them, but if you’d like to know more, let me know. Or just Google “Logical Fallacies”.

These apply to most of the arguments we get about religious viewpoint.

“You can’t prove God doesn’t exist, so therefore he does exist” is called the appeal to ignorance. Basically, we do not win arguments by default. There are over 100 Logical Fallacies.

But anyway, perhaps it will help you on your journey through debunking silly claims that Christians will inevitably come up with.

I’ve read a great deal about logical fallacies over the years, but think they are outside the scope of the non-blog portion of this site. There are plenty of good resources for these on the Web already (such as Wikipedia).

It’s amazing how unfamiliar many people are with these — even the more obvious ones. We’d all do well to become more familiar with them.

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