September 2007

Hey i think the work you do here is astounding and (excuse the language) if so many pompous bastards hate you and blindly insult your beliefs, why do you sit back and welcome it. If i were in your position I most likely would have let my temper get the better of me. Reading a number of comments from concerned parents is quite amusing as I too when questioning my conditioned beliefs was scalded. Eventually it was that torment that lead to me seeing what I belive today that there is in fact no God, though statistically possible i can’t believe it because of lack of proof. I would appreciate it very much if (needing to edit this comment if necessary) to post it on your page so that these concerned parents can see with luck that if they want there children to stay in a particular faith they should let them live there life there way, if there child chooses to progress to a better life then so be it . They are hardly able to condemn there own child, if there so devout then they can’t judge because of there own faith.(again sorry for the profane language and biased opinion, but as no doubt you know we are all entitled to our own opinion)

The hate mail generally doesn’t bother me. I think it says much about the writer and nothing about me.

As for parents, I can understand that a religious parent would honestly fear for the soul of their child. But there are good ways and bad ways of trying to protect that soul.

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