Hate mail

1. Your blog is a series of sophomoric comments. Are you trying to attract people to atheism or repel them?

2. Your comment about atheism resulting in fewer wars (i.e. killings) than religion is certainly not backed up by the last 100 years of history.

Your coreligionists in the old Soviet Union killed over 15 million people. Your coreligionist Mao Tse Tung’s killed millions more. We can add your coreligionists Pol Pot, Adolf Hitler et al.

Your corelgionists are a major driving force for abortions worldwide which average about 22 million a year.

For wars and killings we theists are pikers compared to you guys. Given the Stalinist nature of you guys, I’m sure you’ve just gotten started.

3. Atheism is illogical. According to your religion, chance and time produce everything.

Chance is probability. Chance is not a force, chance has no power in and of itself. Chance effectively is nothing.

Time is change within the three universal dimensions. It also is nothing within itself.

Therefore, NOTHING produces EVERYTHING. Great religion dude! How inspiring!

4. Our existence means that the eternal exists. Atheists, like yourself therefore have to (if they have the ability to think coherently) believe that the universe is eternal.

The universe we actually observe appears to have a beginning (big bang), be running down (2nd law of thermodynamics), and have been designed for us to exist (numerous physical constants like the strong force, weak force et al).

Your coreligionists, in order to avoid a creator God, which they cannot see, believe

a. In a “multiverse” they cannot see, nor can they ever observe. b. In “dark matter” which supposed- ly constitutes over 80% of all matter, which they have never seen, and which, remarkably if it really does constitute over 80% of all matter, has never been observed in or around the solar system or between the solar system and the galactic center 30,000 light years away. c. In dark energy, which wasn’t “known” 10 years ago, but now supposedly constitutes 73% of the universe. d. In evolution as “fact”, “fact” “fact”, even though observed changes in genetic material over time almost always are detriment- al (consistent with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics)and observed mutation rates in astronomically numerous, short lived micro- organisms preclude Darwinian evolution much above the genus level in any way except by front loading (i.e. Directed Evo!) among complex organisms.

So unlike us superstitious theists, you atheists believe in universes you can’t see, matter you can’t see, energy you can’t see, and miraculous positive creative mutations no one has ever seen either.

I know I’m only a superstitious theist, but I’m skeptical that your religion has any validity.

Ciao baby!

1. Sophomoric comments? I’m going to hope that you are confusing the comments of some of my less thoughtful readers with my own. If not, then I hope you can give me an example of where in my blog I am being “sophomoric”.

2. I don’t say that atheism results in fewer wars, but I would say that fewer wars have been fought for atheism than for theism. In fact, I can’t think of a single war motivated by atheism. Atheists are certainly not all Stalinists. As for Hitler being an atheist — give me a break.

3. Atheism is (by definition) not a religion. Your statement that atheists believe that “chance and time produce everything” is incorrect and therefore your refutation of that statement would be irrelevant even if it weren’t filled with logical fallicies.

4. Both religious and atheist people must believe that eternity exists. You gain nothing from this statement. You are right about the universe having a beginning and having increasing entropy, but you are wrong about it having been apparently designed for us.

a. There are many theories of the universe that do not include a multiverse (as I understand the term).

b.-c. Dark matter, dark energy, and such things are theoretical constructs used to describe the motion of bodies in space and the expansion of the universe. Theists need something to describe these motions as much as atheists do (unless they attribute all motion to God’s action). This is still a new area of science, but over the last year it is believed that dark matter has actually been observed. In any case, neither of these are articles of faith among atheists, and it’s not a major disaster if they are later proven not to exist.

d. Note the “almost” in your first statement. Your second statement is, if I understand what you’re saying, just plain wrong.

Of the four things you close by saying that atheists believe in, it’s interesting to note that a great many scientifically minded theists also believe in at least the possibility of three of them.

I hasten to point out to my readers that, despite your letter, I don’t think that all religious people are as pompous, self-important, and bigoted as you. And as for your last statement — I have no religion, so you are correct that my religion has no validity. At least you got that right.

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  1. Written by A
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    Its funny that people don’t seem to understand that atheism isn’t a religion, but merely the lack thereof. I don’t need a religion; nobody is demanding that I declare one (and hopefully it stays that way, since the alternative is a religious dictatorship). For now I’m happy to ponder existence from a logical perspective; and not jump on the first conclusion given me, proceeding to eternally swear by it.

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