September 2007

I find it ironic, upon visiting this site for the first time, that a post by a christian upon seeing their child as ‘questioning the faith’ forced upon them since birth, coming to your site as being what they see as child abuse, when it is clearly child abuse to bring up a child to NOT question, and to put their ‘faith’ and ideas and brain in the hands of a sky fairy with ‘all the answers, don’t question why, it is a bad thing to question ..’ .. I dunno really what to say, other than religion is the most common form of child abuse occuring in the world today.

If their ‘god’ was a true god, I don’t see how (or why) it would say “I prefer someone to follow a book everyone else does, from fear, and condemn anyone for thinking I might not exist, irrespective of whether they do ‘good’ or ‘bad'”. You would think a god would have more respect for someone using their ‘god-given brain’ to think for themselves and be ‘good’ on their own merit, than through any fear of an afterlife …

.. you would think that with an all powerful being, able to see the beginning and the end, and everything that will occur before creation even happens, not only choose to condemn a section of those beings to everlasting damnation, but in fact created evil to start with. ..

I could go on, I’ll stop there, good on you for a great site.

I, too, have trouble understanding why God would want unthinking obedience. It strikes me as kind of sad.

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