September 2007

It’s good to see that you can come up with defenses to “arguments” for God that actually have no substance to them. I wonder though how you would defend your atheistic position when faced with overwhelming evidence for the existance of God. Not every Christian relies on statements like, “Jesus loves you so you should love him too,” and “But the Bible says so…” as “proof” of God’s existance. Even as a Christian myself I realize how absurd statements like these are to someone who does not believe in God whatsoever. If you don’t believe in God,and thus the Bible as the word of God, I know that you could care less about what the Bible says. However,if you are actually interested in a factual based argument for the existance of God I would be more than happy to have a logical discussion with you. Let me know if you want to take a shot at a real debate. Thanks.

The simple answer is that if I were faced with overwhelming evidence for the existence of God I wouldn’t defend my atheistic position. I do not have faith in atheism, so I will no defend it if it can be shown to be wrong.

You are incorrect when you say that I “could care less about what the Bible says.” I am, in fact, very interested in the Bible. It is an important cultural and religious document, and I have read it several times.

I am definitely interested in hearing what you have to say about the existence of God. (I’m assuming you mean the God of the Bible — let me know if you mean something else, like a prime mover.)

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