September 2007

Dear I Am An:

Thank you for your thoughtful and even-handed response. Perhaps you would like to read this and run it on your site.

[Thoughtful essay follows]

Unfortunately, I have a policy of not publishing essays (or links to essays) on my blog or site (for a variety of reasons, one of which is I get so many of them and they are very time consuming to respond to).

I will, however, break my rule a tiny bit and quote a few sentences. One of the points in your essay seemed to be that we shouldn’t worry about God destroying the universe, “Because, after all, how can a Creator of beautiful works of art (us and this planet, the solar system and the universe) also be a destroyer of his own beautiful works of art? It isn’t freaking logical. Who among us destroys our work, especially our artwork and craftsmanship, in whatever we do, when we have painstakingly and lovingly created it?”

To which I answer, perhaps God is a Buddhist?

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