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 IAmAnAtheist » September 2007

September 2007

Just wanted to thank you for your intelligent website about religion (and lack thereof.) I’m an 18 year old Atheist on my way to college next year trying to broaden my world views before I move away next year (Bay Area to Wisconsin is a big change :P) and I figured that there were bound to be intelligent websites about this kind of thing on the internet somewhere. I’ve had the Atheist/Agnostic section of StumbleUpon checked recently and all of the other pages I’ve seen are full of angry condemnations about how the other side is wasting their lives believing in false information, always accompanied by strings of insults from both sides in the comments. After getting linked to you “You are now an atheist” page I was afraid I’d ended up at another one. After entering your actual website I was pleasantly surprised to find the first intelligent religious website I’d seen. However, I already understand and agree with almost everything you’ve said, although you’re much more patient than I’m usually able to be, something I’m doing my best to work on. I was wondering if there were any websites that you know of with similar content that argue the opposite viewpoint? I find arguments from the other side to be much more interesting and intellectually stimulating. Once again, I appreciate that you keep this website up and represent atheists in a positive light. Good luck with the website and everything else.

I agree that it’s very valuable (and fun!) to read material from a viewpoint other than my own. I would go so far as to say that it’s impossible to investigate your own beliefs with rigor without doing this.

There is a lot of good, neutral, information on a wide variety of religions at www.religioustolerance.org. It’s a good resource for non-blathering religious info.

For pro-Christian arguments, I have found some good material at www.str.org and www.comereason.org. They both have podcasts as well. Obviously I don’t agree with the conclusions of their arguments, but they often emphasize calm discussion and, so far as I’ve noticed, don’t do any name calling.

And don’t forget Wikipedia. It’s a great place to find summaries of classic arguments for the existence of God (for example).

I hope you find these useful!

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