September 2007

hahahaha. honestly, you’re friggin awesome, man. as an athiest myself it makes me delighted to see that you are allowing intellegent conversation to flow between all religious viewing peoples. maybe this world ain’t dead afterall.

my mum is a christian and she knows i’m agnostic. but it still doesnt stop her from making me uncomfortable w/ her jesus-talk. i try to confront her about it, but it rarely works.

oh well. i’ll take comfort in the fact that i get to choose her retirement home. and that i will be happily married to the women of my dreams in a matter of years.

you. me. coffee sometime, we’ll chat it up. it’ll be hot.

( dude, totaly jk. i love you though. you win. at life )



would you be a monkey with a tail, knowing that the other monkies would bite it?

yeeeah, i would too.

Thanks for the nice note!

Regarding your mother, I would suggest that you do what you can to not let her religious talk get to you. As a Christian, she may be worried that you’ll be damned for eternity, so any religious pushiness on her part may just be a sign that she loves and is deeply concerned for you. Unless she’s really getting on your nerves, I wouldn’t worry about confronting her about it. And even in that case, I’d say the best thing you could probably do is live a life demonstrating that you can be moral, tolerant, and good without religion. Depending on your mother’s specific religious beliefs, you might consider asking her if God would condemn you for doing what you think is right.

As for the monkey question — if I have a tail, I have a tail. That other monkeys hate it doesn’t change the truth of the matter.

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