September 2007

Well Hello There,

Terribly Enjoyable Site!

I Particularly Enjoy The Hate Mail. Something That Many Of Us Have Lived With For Most Of Our Lives, It Brings Back Many Fond Memories Of Arguments Which Could Thinly Be Veiled As Conversations With Co-Workers, Loved Ones, And Nosey People Who Enjoy Listening In On Other People’s Conversations. I Must Say Keep Up The Very Good Work On This Site. May There Be Many More People, Who Are As Willing To Hold Mature Conversations Which Are Outside The Bounds Of “92%” of The Population’s Indoctorination. I Hope More People Visit This Site and Become, As You Put It, Permanent and Irrevocable Athiests. It Is Allways Nice To See A Site That Provides A New View On Such An Explosive Subject Being Head Lined By Some One Who Is Actually Intelligent. I Hope We Can Hold Many Interesting Conversations In The Future. Please Write Back.

i appreciate the many kind words about my web site! i, too, hope to reach many people with this site (which is read by 1,000+ people every day, by the way). you might be surprised to learn that, although i obviously prefer atheism, i do not feel that eliminating religion is a big priority. i feel that getting people to think about their beliefs and discuss them rationally is far, far more important.

i look forward to conversing with you further.

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