September 2007

Can’t dispute one point you’ve made. I “think” the reason I always throw the “but you can decide for yourself later” at them is so if they ever take a spouse that’s a christian it helps them to know that I know, love, and tolerate people that believe…as if we have a choice ;) I don’t want them to think I want them hating all religious people. I just don’t want religion to become a dividing issue for our family later in life. With that said, if you asked either of my kids if there is a god you would get two resounding no’s. I’ve never made any bones about my opinion in front of the kids when the subject comes up, so they know exactly where their dad stands on the subject ;) They never get the christian or creationism or any other point of view in our home…it’s pretty simple, I just don’t believe it so I certainly can’t teach it. They get evolution, period. That’s an interesting point you make about implying there may be something to the arguments for religion by simply stating that they can decide for themselves later. I’ll have to keep that thought in mind next time we talk about it. From your description, I think we’re probably not too far apart in what we tell our kids. Keep up the good work with the website, the humor is great and you have a thick skin to put up with all those vicious threats.

I agree — it sounds like our parenting methods are pretty similar. I have heard from people who really do try and “balance” everything they teach their children philosophically, to the point that they are essentially hiding their own beliefs from their children, and frankly that drives me nuts <G>. Glad to hear this isn’t the case in your home!

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