September 2007

Thank you very much for you help.

I have friends who are no longer on speaking terms with me anymore as a result of my new worldview. I think this is hypocritical of the Christian community to exile their “brothers”, but, I guess I would prefer that to the inane question games they seem to love to play with those of us who have better things to do than live in a theocracy.

I’m still having some troubles escaping the mindset of “God’s going to punish me for x” mindset and the “God’s not going to *bless* me if I don’t perform y” mindset. Any ideas on ways to reinforce my beliefs in Atheism and how to get rid of the burden of fear of punishment?

I think it’s very sad that there are some Christians who won’t speak with atheists. I know atheist children whose Christian friends have been told that they can no longer play together. It’s sad and, I think, narrow minded.

I wouldn’t worry too much about reinforcing your atheism or trying to get rid of residual “God” feelings. What you’re feeling has nothing to do with your atheism being “weak” in any sense. These feelings are really not about God, but about your personal sense of good and bad, which you are mentally labeling “God” out of force of habit. That’s completely natural. Over time, that label will likely fade, but it’s nothing to fret about.

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