September 2007

I do not understand why someone would declare themself an atheist, since no one can prove or disprove the declaration. I think people just don’t believe in the man-made concept of God and the practice of man-made religion. If you want to say there is no place called Heaven with an old bearded man on a throne surrounded by flying angels, i would agree with that. If you want to argue that God does not intercede in the affairs of Man, i would agree. If you want to say there is no order in the universe, how do you explain the very existence of the universe after billions of years? If chaos underlies the universe it would not last, you would not have the truth of math, no dependable pysical laws, no quantum mechanics. nothing would be predictable. Can you give me an example of an occurrence that has no cause? Yet you argue the universe had no cause.

P.S. Do you take some pride in declaring yourself an atheist? Do you think the world would be better off without the religious teaching from which we derived our morals? I understand the wars, inquisitions and evil committed in the name of religion, but this was not committed by a creator, but by petty men after money, power, or territory. Have you had a revelation or special insight that gives you the certain knowledge there was no creator? I was once at least an agnostic, but as I learned more about the universe, I rejected man-made religion,but cannot reject the idea of creation.

I am an atheist in the sense that I have no religion. I have not seen any compelling evidence that deities exist, but I do not believe that proof of the existence of a deity is impossible in principle (so I am not an agnostic, as your first sentence shows you to be).

I do not say that there is no place called Heaven, no angels, etc. How do you know that there is no such thing? If you have evidence, I would be interested to hear it.

I don’t say that there is no order in the universe or that chaos underlies it. I do say that there appear to be dependable physical laws and that these laws lead to small amounts of order among the disorder (e.g., life on Earth).

I disagree that in a chaotic universe there would be no truth in math. Mathematics is a logical system, and I don’t see how its truth could be changed. If you are implying that there could be no dependable physical laws, etc., without some organizing force, I disagree. I see no reason to believe that.

There are certain quantum events (such as pair production) which appear, at least to my understanding, to be uncaused. However, if a version of string theory is verified, that might change. In any case it sounds to me like you are the one implying that there is something that exists without a cause — a creator deity. I do not say that our universe has no cause.

Regarding your P.S., I take pride in myself and I am an atheist. I don’t think that being an atheist makes me more worthy of being proud, however.

I don’t think that the world would necessarily be better off without religious teaching, but I also think the statement that we get our morals from religion is very debatable.

I have no special knowledge regarding the existence or non-existence of a creator. However, I do not see a creator as necessary to explain the universe.

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