September 2007

Oh me and my Christian friends have quite interesting conversations. We have even gone as far as having debates with each other. Most of my friends are very tolerant of my stance in that I am very polite and moral. So many find it amazing that athiest don’t actually sacrifice animals or worship the Devil!

But it has caused me some problems. My girlfriend’s grand mother refused to let me into her house (where my girlfriend lives) after finding out. Stating that “She refuses to let the Devil into her home.” That’s why my girlfriend hides the fact that she is also athiest (not converted by me, by she chose it herself several years before we began dating). Being an athiest can be a liability in the “Bible Belt” of the South.

Thanks for responding. ^_^

Glad to hear that your friends are open to intelligent discussion. You’re a very lucky person (with good choice in friends)!

I live in California, but have heard from many people who live in areas that are less generally tolerant. There is no easy answer to how to deal with people like your girlfriend’s grandmother. I think the most important thing is to be true to your own beliefs. You should also continue to demonstrate your morality and general “goodness” whenever possible, and over time less tolerant people might come to realize that they have nothing to fear from you.

One danger sign I see is that your girlfriend is hiding her beliefs from her family. You might want to think about taking steps to prevent a situation in which her family finds out about her beliefs and gets the impression that she “lost her religion” because of your influence. That could cause problems.

Best of luck to you. If you have any interesting conversations with your religious friends that you’d like to share, pass them along!

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