September 2007

IF there is an infinite number of universes, how were they originally created? or how did the first one occur and what was the cause of the rest? about the man and the ape: if both evolved from a common ancestor, when did that division occur? the number of years from that event are the same for both species, thus why is man cogniscient while the ape is not?

they share a great percentage of the same dna but a great difference in brain power. what was the lineage of the Cro-Magnon? he co-habited with the Neanderthal. what was the predecessor of each? has a known predecessor been found? I think not. if you believe unquestioningly about the theory of evolution, you have a firmer belief than the man who originated the theory. to believe this way would mean to believe on evolution ”upon demand”.

to deepen your awareness of the processes of life, I would suggest you learn about biochemical processes and the behavior of subatomic particles. after you understand these subjects we could better discuss life and thought.

We’re starting to repeat ourselves here pretty seriously.

You ask how an infinite number of universes was originally created. The whole point of there being an infinite string of universes is that they were not created. Something has to be infinite. You ask what “was the cause of the rest” after the first. Each universe causes the one that comes after it. Causality is maintained.

Your understanding of evolution continues to be incredibly shaky. You ask why humans have consciousness while apes do not if they have both been evolving for the same amount of time. Evolution is not a goal-oriented system, and it does not follow a defined course. If two populations of identical creatures are separated, their evolutionary path will diverge. You speak as if evolutionary theory holds intelligence as a goal that apes would evolve into if given enough time, but no such thing is true.

I’m going to sidestep the discussion of Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal evolution because I honestly don’t see what point you are trying to make. It is true that there has been much recent change in theory about the ancestry of Cro-Magnons, but that’s part of science. There is a pretty clear chain of evolution for humanity, and that is not disrupted by the fact that some details are still being worked out.

You ask if I believe unquestioningly in the theory of evolution. I don’t. However, I don’t see a better theory at this time. Give me one and I’ll change my mind.

You suggest that I learn more about biochemical processes and the behavior of subatomic particles. What exactly am I missing that would help in our discussion? I hate to say it, but so far your statements about science have generally been so misguided that I’m not feeling inclined to trust that you know more than I do about these additional subjects.

I look forward to your clarification of these issues.

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