September 2007

Perhaps I should explain some things a little clearer. I am a licensed psychiatrist and I would know alot more about love or anything like it than you. Sexual love is an emotion because it involves a selfish desire and actual, physical feeling, and is thus, just a mere concept. Aesthetic love, a definately true and pure love is not sexually based and is therefore based on how the OTHER person behaves and acts more than looks, and is not an emotion, but a desire to make the other happy, if happy is what is righteous, and this pleases the one loving, and is therefore not a concept, but a reality and a truth, in the which there is something truely there, because it is not selfish. Emotions are not desires and desires are not emotions, but needs and wants. They can stem from emotions, but mostly do not. In the case of love, it rarely does. It depends on how much sexuality and selfishness there is in there.

If you would like to know about Mormonism, just visit [URL] or look this website up on google. This will supply you with the ACTUAL archaelogical evidence and their sources proving Mormonism correct along with the exodus to the Americas by some of the Israelites (also see wikipedia for the DNA evidence in the Native’s DNA, proving that there was indeed an exodus to the Americas) and Joseph Smith’s revelations all being correct which none of which had been wrong. It also supplies back up sources and info for his information he (Jeff) supplies on his website. He (Joseph Smith) spoke of the whole outplay of the Civil War, which will start with the succession of South Carolina and their attempts to receive help from Great Britain, and also the Holocaust and the two world wars. He was not at all obscure like Nostradamous, but very precise with his prophesies. He died in 1844.

Now, I never said I would hurt anyone for insulting my religious beliefs, because I never would. I said I would hurt them if the threatened me, my family, or a loved one. In other words, I would do exactly what I said I would to them if someone, for example, said to me, “Stop believing in God or I will punch you in the face.”, or if they said it to a family member or a loved one. And yes, I am bloody proud to say that my religion condones this, as does any devout bishop or temple member in my religion. “Thou shalt defend thy family and thyself even unto bloodshead.” – Alma 43:47.
Also, if one threatens another or their loved ones in my religion in such a way that threatens their life or happiness, and they (the offender) are first verbally warned not to, and they continue to do so, their life is in the defender’s hands and he or she (the defender) may do with him or her (the offender) what they will and it will be justified. Yes, they will be rewarded a hundred fold if they bear it patiently, and they will be avenged by God, but they may do the alternative to this if desired and not be punished or rewarded. Their reward is then having vindicated themselves or their loved ones. This is in the Doctrine and Covenants.

Also, how bloody dare you tell ME I sound like an @$$? You are obviously the moax with too much time on his hands to create this stupid, opinion-based website as a means of expressing his contempt to God and to humanity. This website has NO scientific fact based on it whatsoever. Remember: atheism is just a philosophy, nothing more. Religion (especially Mormonism)has science to back it up and prove its truth. That is what you people fail to realize. Science does not at all back up atheism. If you would just open your negative eyes and stop being so bloody ignorant and look at science and what it shows, you will believe. What is ignorant is to say science does nothing for religion, when it does. It is intelligent to say science DOES prove religion, because that is true. Jeff Lindsay’s website has nearly unlimited info and scientific info backing up Mormonism and even proving its truth. Do not let the anti-Mormon media fool you.

I saw the thing from 2003 on either National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. It was from 2003, I do not keep track of every TV show I have seen, though I seldom watch TV to begin with. I am too busy talking to people like you and prescribing medication to people like you to calm and aid your depressed minds. Have more faith in science if not in God. We have the technology to date things back from BILLIONS of years ago, let alone milions. The language was very similar to that of ancient Egypt, and was hyroglyphical, in case you were wondering. Research this yourself. You probably have the time to anyways.

I am not angry with you, but the way I am speaking with you is a method some doctors use as a way to better understand the patient and speak with him or her. I also do not appreciate your cursing. Use substitutes if you want to swear at me from henceforth, okay?

Here are a few questions?

Who are you anyways? What do you do for a living? How much college did you attend? What grades do you or did you get in school? Do you even know or realize what the heck you are saying in some of these blurbs, or how idiotic you sound? You should choose a wiser profession than ranting on the internet, if that is all you do. Remember, age does not matter; most kids are more intelligent than most adults. I must know these thing about you so I may know whether or not to treat what you say with any worth. Well, cheerio.

Let’s start with love. I’m willing to go along with what you say here. My point was that love in general was a concept grouping various things. If you define specific kinds of love, and if you define desire as not being an emotion (which seems odd to me, but that’s neither here nor there), that’s fine. I should point out, though, that when I say love is a concept that does not mean love isn’t a real thing. Pain is a concept, too, and it can be easily shown to really exist.

You should know that on this blog I do not do “argument through URL exchange.” For this reason, I’ll ask you to please make your own arguments and not refer me to Web sites whenever possible (I would like to see the Wikipedia item about DNA evidence you mention, but am not sure what heading it would fall under). I have read a number of books on the origins of LDS and have read some of the Web site you pointed me at, and unfortunately I do not find the case for Mormonism compelling.

I agree that the prophecy of the American Civil War is very interesting. I would disagree with the prophecy’s being characterized as speaking of the “whole outplay” of the War, although he definitely did get some details correct. I also do not know where Smith made “very precise” prophecies of the world wars and Holocaust. The Civil War prophecy does say that war will be poured out upon all nations, but it does this in the same sentence that it speaks of the American Civil War. It also speaks of slaves rising up against masters after war spreading to all nations, and I’m not sure what historical event that would refer to.

You are right that you never said you would hurt anyone for insulting your religious beliefs. I also have never threatened anyone for their beliefs. This is why I found your threat of retaliation so surprising, in that it was apparently completely unprovoked.

You say that you would hurt someone if they threatened you, by saying they would hit you if you wouldn’t stop believing in God. You seem to be pretty clearly saying that you would take physically violent action in the face of a verbal threat and that your religion condones this. Despite what some Christians would say, I consider Mormons to be Christians, and I am very surprised that this is part of Mormon doctrine in that it seems quite at odd with the teachings of Jesus. It sounds more like “If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.” which I’m assuming you would not endorse. I welcome more clarification on this issue.

I will say that, after reading what you wrote about a person’s life being delivered into a defender’s hands, I am forced to rethink my view of the Mountain Meadows massacre, which until this time I had not thought indicative of Mormon practice. I also am forced to reconsider statements made on this Website concerning my belief that Mormons were an excellent example of religious morality.

How dare I tell you that you sound like an a**? Well, the fact is that your first e-mail did make you sound like one. Starting off by calling someone stupid and ending with what sounds like a veiled threat will do that.

You are right that my Web site is opinion based. I make no secret of that. I disagree with your statement that I have contempt for God and humanity, in that I don’t believe the former exists and I am a member of the latter.

I agree that atheism is a philosophy. I disagree that religion has science to back it up. I don’t understand how you can say that science does not back up atheism. If it were not for science, I would not be an atheist. In fact, I was a theist until I came to realize that scientific answers were sufficient and the concept of deities does not seem necessary.

I’m sorry that you don’t remember what the item from 2003 was. That sounded very interesting. Let me know if you remember.

Reacting to your statement that you prescribe medication to people like me “and aid your depressed minds”, are you saying that in your professional opinion I am depressed? What leads you to that conclusion?

I have plenty of faith in science. I have also read quite a bit about reformed Egyptian, and unfortunately what I have read does not give me confidence that Joseph Smith was receiving real ancient texts.

You say you are not angry with me and I’ll take your word for it. Your also say that your rude, abusive way of speaking and veiled threats of physical violence are something some doctors do to understand their patients. Would you consider trying to have a polite conversation with me instead? I think we might get more done and you would sound far less condescending.

You ask me to use substitutes if I want to swear at you. I assume you are referring to my use of the word “a**”. This was not intended as cursing in the same way that hurling an epithet would be. Rather, I felt I was rather accurately describing your behavior (and, as bad words go, it doesn’t even hit my radar — I’ll respect your wishes, though).

I don’t talk about my personal life any more than necessary (gender, profession, degrees, where I went to college, etc.) You say you must know these things so that you may know whether to treat what I say with any worth. How would the answers to these questions help you decide whether what I am saying is correct? I consider such things irrelevant to the topic at hand unless convinced otherwise. If I found quotations from someone with many respectable degrees and high grades who thought you were completely wrong, would you accept that as worthy of your attention? And don’t you think that I should listen to what you have to say on religion and science even though you’re a psychiatrist?

I believe that I’m quite sure of what I’m saying on my blog. Can you give me a few examples of my words that sound “idiotic”? I do rant on occasion when I receive particularly nasty e-mail (seeming to threaten to leave me “disfigured for about a month and a half,” for example), but I don’t consider such rants as compelling arguments. For a moment I thought that perhaps you were unable to distinguish between my words and the words of those who were writing to me, but I wouldn’t insult your intelligence by suggesting such a thing.

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