September 2007

If you admit a deity is possible, why not call yourself an agnostic or just say you don’t know how the universe occurred? Are you against the concept of God, or against the concept of a Creator?

Are there some facets of evolution that make you believe a creator could not have created all the elements necessary for life and evolution?

I am not in the business of convincing you I am right, I am trying to show you that a superficial knowledge of physics and biochemistry is not enough to have certainty about the origin and mechanics of the universe.

In examining an unknown, it is enlightening to consider evidence FOR a conclusion against evidence AGAINST a conclusion.

Since you have reached your conclusion that there is no God, and thereby, no creator, tell me what evidence influenced your decision

Good questions! I do not call myself an agnostic because I do not claim that it is in principle impossible to prove deities exist. I am not against the concept of God, and I am not against the concept of a creator, I’m just not convinced that either of these things actually exists.

I think there is nothing in evolution that precludes the existence of a creator in general. Evolution does seem to preclude some types of creation (such as young-earth creationism), but there is nothing logically impossible about a scenario in which the world described by science was created and is guided by a divine force. (This is pretty much what Catholics believe, for example.)

You also do not need to convince me that my knowledge is not enough to give me certainty about the origin of the universe. I completely admit that.

As for your final question, I still think you are slightly misunderstanding my views. I have not concluded that there is no creator. I just see no compelling reason to believe that there is one. I suppose that if I had to give evidence supporting my opinion it would be that in decades of learning about science I have found nothing that seems to be, in principle, inexplicable by science. True, there are many areas in which science does not yet have all the answers, but I see no areas in which this lack of knowledge is seemingly only fillable by the divine.

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