October 2007

Give some deep thought to the mind ( not the brain), gravity, spin, orbiting, generation of light, thought and life, the working of dna to mention a few. these are some of the unexplained phenomenae that we know exist but are not yet understood. one must be able to think there are a tremendous number of coincidental occurrences that just happened to occur in order for the universe to exist without creation. The bottom line is causality. Did these thousands of things all occur at just the proper time(the big bang or whatever the event was) to create what we can now observe? or was it one huge accidental coalescence of unrelated particles? You must believe in causality to believe in creation. If you believe in non-causality, you must believe in an occurrence of happenstance with infinite odds against it.

You keep implying that I will change my mind if I just think about these things some more. I have actually thought (and read) quite a bit on all these topics already.

You are right that there had to be an enormous number of coincidental occurrences for the universe to exist without creation. That doesn’t bother me. If things had gone differently, we’d either have a different universe in which sentient things could make the same statement, or a universe in which there were no sentient things in which case the question wouldn’t be asked.

To clarify: that a specific situation is unlikely does not imply that any situation is unlikely. For example, if I roll a die 100 times, whatever result I get will be highly unlikely, but the odds of my getting some result are 100%.

I assume your statement about “infinite odds” is an exaggeration. In any case, we obviously calculate things differently.

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