October 2007

Well, not really (but thanks for trying). It is difficult for me to see things “from a religious point of view”. If there is some vital part of my thought process that occurs in another world “outside of determinism”, didn’t God also design that part of my mind and thus be reponsible for its conclusions, deterministic or not? Besides, what gave God the right to judge anyway? The only way I can see him having that right would be if I had signed a contract saying something like “I, [name], promise to live my life in agreement with the rules defined by God and in return God promises to listen to my prayers and arrange a nice retirement in paradise”. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never signed one of those… Is it in accordance with religious morals that God could hold me to such a contract anyway? (Btw, it is fun to make you of all people defend the religious position :-)

I don’t mind defending religious beliefs, so long as they are rational and consistent.

A contract with God would not be necessary under most religious systems of morality in that God, as your creator, has the right to set up rules and judge as he pleases. He made the game; we’re just players. Of course, this may imply that the creator of a living thing has no moral obligation to that entity, and I think that is philosophically debatable.

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