October 2007

i was watching joe rogan’s stand up and he said something about dumb people to the effect that dumb people don’t know their dumb thats what makes em dumb. and you know unfortunatlly thats how i see alot of the pro-god people. they believe in so strongly their god, they never stop to just think. you know for themselves. they just believe what they were told weather by society, parents or a book. i think theres a word for that…..gullible

i was raised old school irish catholic i’m no stranger to the faith(i’m also a 49er fan that is a true faith!) but when i was told “stuff” i had to know for myself. when i was told about santa claus i believed but i NEEDED to know. so i stayed up late at night and i realised when my dad came home late and went to bed the presents were there. case closed. i kinda figured the samething about god. and now its just to hard to believe. i don’t know how someone could. then to have the nerve to tell someone they are gonna burn in hell for not believing that. and still saying they believe in a loving god? that is some twisted stuff.

i’ll be the first to admit i have no clue weather there is a god or not with 100% certinty. and to be honest if there is a god i’m pretty sure he doesn’t know i exsist.

i just think its funny how people seperate themselves from each other. weather its religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or even sports(f**k the cowboys!!)

i dunno just a piece of my mind love the site keep on keepin on

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree that there are a lot of people who just take what they have learned for granted, and I wish that this was not the case.

Something to keep in mind — if you don’t already — is that once you understand a concept it can be difficult to comprehend how others don’t understand it. I remember feeling something akin to this way when I first read that there were significant societies in history that didn’t have the concept of zero as a number. That just freaked me out — it seems so obvious! But people did quite well for thousands of years without it and didn’t even know what they were missing.

Some atheists run into this with religion — they can’t comprehend how someone could have a need for religion, and therefore categorize religious people as “stupid.” Religious people sometimes to this as well, not comprehending how someone can not believe as something so obvious as God.

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