October 2007

It has been suggested that I say a little more about what my book 2Q is about.

In brief, 2Q is a system for examining your beliefs for philosophical flaws. The book explains the 2Q system, offers examples of mistakes frequently made when forming opinions, and examines a number of philosophical issues in light of the 2Q system.

The book is not explicitly atheistic. Anyone interested in leading an examined life should be able to benefit from the 2Q system. The book does discuss a number of issues related to religion and atheism, and religious arguments are used as examples in various places, but the focus is on religion.

Personally, I feel that examining your beliefs critically tends to lead toward atheism. So, in a sense, 2Q might appear to be part of an insidious plot to destroy religion from within. That’s not what I intend, but if some people exchange religion that they accept uncritically for moral atheism, that won’t bother me.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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