November 2007

In physics of my freshman year we were taught two separate concepts of the universe. One was exciting, the other wasn’t. Creationism and Big Bang Theory.

In creationism the universe… Just was… outta’ the blue, there.

In Big Bang Theory: The universe went boom and created everything that was really really cool. Over millions of years these kinda cool things turned into ultra cool things, like thumbs and pet monkies.

My question is this. Death with no afterlife seems like a boring thing to me. Is it possible that reincarnation could go hand-in-hand with evolutionism/big bang theory (if you looked at the spiritual point of view)

Your opinion would be appreciated

Sure, reincarnation could go with evolution. Even creation can go with evolution (as it does in Catholicism). The real question is whether reincarnation can work with atheism or skepticism, and I think you’d have a hard time with that.

I agree that death without the possibility of an afterlife is an unhappy thing. Personally, I’d much rather believe that we all live on forever in happiness after death. But I can only believe that which makes sense to me, and my personal wishes have far less impact on reality than I’d like.

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