November 2007

Keep up the good work. Educate these god fearing freaks, help pave the way for us rationalists. {A better term for athiest, becouse it’s at the very least irrational to believe the almighty. Maybe thiest will be less afraid of this term.} People need to grow up let go of the fairy tales, face reality. They are the ones who are scared, afraid that nothing happens when they die and pray they make it to heaven. The point of life is to live. Not live to die. Ridiculous. Wake up People Look Around You.

I agree with you that there is likely no God, but I think we differ on some important aspects of the subject. I wouldn’t ever use the word “freaks” to refer to religious people in general — it’s pointlessly pejorative. I also prefer atheist to rationalist, because there are plenty of irrational atheists, and there are actually some very rational theists.

I also think it’s rather insulting to say that religious people need to “grow up.” Some people are emotionally or mentally unable to change beliefs that they were brought up with, and I can’t look down on them for that. Other people are sincerely convinced that God exists, and such people are, at worst, incorrect.

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