November 2007

Hi…um…I have a question. But let me explain my beliefs.

I believe that there is no God 110% percent. To me there is no evidence suggesting the existence of a deity.

However, I believe in the possibilities of ghosts, an afterlife, aliens, and bigfoot.

But I think through each piece of evidence of these supernatural occurences before coming to a decision of whether or not this piece of evidence is conclusive.

As for aliens, ghosts and bigfoot I do not accept evidence where there could be some doubt.

I do know that life after death cannot be proven, but I don’t know I’m kind of confused.

I’m just so confused that I believe in some of these things, yet I do not believe in God. So am I an atheist (or agnostic) if I believe these things?

I’m just confused over which I am: Atheist or Agnostic.

If you are without religion, you are an atheist. I believe in the possibility of the existence of deities, ghosts, an afterlife, aliens, and bigfoot, and I’m an atheist. Granted, I believe that the possibility of deities, ghosts, or an afterlife is vanishingly small, with bigfoot pretty far down there as well. I think it is highly likely that there are aliens, but highly unlikely that any of them have visited Earth.

What you really need to ask is not whether you are an atheist, but whether you are a skeptic. I’m a skeptic, so it would take a lot of evidence to convince me that anything paranormal exists. Some people are less skeptical. Perhaps you are one of those people?

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