November 2007

Well, after giving your question thought for about ten minutes, here is the whole story: Polygamy was NEVER a MUST DO. It was a SHOULD DO, and only under revelation from God. Those who were excommunicated did not really renounce polygamy; they just refused to practice it. Joseph Smith believed that they, being the heads of the church, should do it, and when they refused, they were excommunicated. In order to receive a revelation from God, the had to ask with faith. They did not ask at all because they just did not want more than one wife for whatever reason. And remember: just because Joseph Smith was a prophet of God does not mean he was infallable. He was perfectly capable of error(ie. his excommunicatee choices).

Halo 3 came out!!!!!!!!!!Are you going to play it? Do you have an XBOX 360? You know, us psychiatrists are not all boring.

If someone vebally threatened my family or a loved one or me, I would verbally warn them not to persist. If they continued, then I would use physical force. That is what Mormonism condones if I was not clear enough.

Who left that negative comment about Mormonism? I like how you replied to it. Lol. (He was probably a Baptist.)

Thanks for clearing up the items on polygamy and response to violence. And speaking of violence (ha!), some of the people where I work are very excited about Halo 3, although personally I am not all that interested (I did enjoy Portal, however).

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