November 2007

I stumbled upon your site and started reding the blog comments.

Yes, i am another religious fundie that read the bible too much and found it didnt add up. Amazing what free though, research and questioning things till there is answers gets you.

Anyhow, great site, glad to see how unemotionall and logical your responses are, just wish more chritians would actually read (all) the bible and really think about if its possible and logical.

Btw; does it matter if you are a guy or gal? i thought this was not actually a dating agency :S

Live long and prosper

I also wish more religious people would read the Bible critically and take the time to learn its historical context. At the very least, this might help them not misuse it when trying to support their own beliefs (which, unfortunately, many religious people do).

You’re right that my gender doesn’t matter. That’s why I don’t talk about it.

May the Force be with you.

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