November 2007

why do you waste your valuable time talking to these people? You are obviously an intelligent person…can’t you see that you are wasting your life…no argument can overcome them: their belief is not founded on logic..therefore logic is wasted on them, when no evidence is required any argument can be countered by any rubbish. I am Irish from a strict Catholic background.I managed to escape the delusion and slavery.. as did most of my country in the last decade.all my peers are non believers..when I look at America I despair at the lack of rigorous thought and wonder at the political cynicism that promotes it. Get a life..and I mean that as good advice to a fellow traveler on the road to truth. Let them wallow in their own will give our children an evolutionary advantage.

I don’t think I am wasting my time. True, there are some people who are a lost cause so far as atheism is concerned, but there are many more who have open minds. If I am discussing religion with someone who has already made up their mind, I am, at the same time, demonstrating my thoughts and philosophy to those who are listening but are not so unwilling to listen.

I receive large numbers of letters from people — both theist and atheist — who are pleased to see that it is possible to be an atheist without ranting or being hateful. Even if I can just show theists that atheists are not to be feared, I have won a victory.

I have also had many conversations with theists who, although they didn’t become atheists, now subject their own beliefs to significantly more scrutiny. This is, to me, another victory. I have nothing to fear from a reasonable theist, and some of them may become atheists some day.

Which brings me to the third reason that I don’t think I’m wasting my time. I have seen theists become atheists. I have seen angry, in-your-face theists stop and reassess their position when faced with someone willing to have a real discussion. I’ve seen a man in tears because he realized what fundamentalist religion had made him.

But most importantly I don’t think I waste my time by talking to “these people” because I don’t think there is a “these people.” There’s just us. And the more of us that can be inspired to think, the better off we all are.

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