November 2007

Since it is impossible to believe that the wandering tribes mistook an active volcano in the desert for the lord high God YWHW, (which they probably did), it may be that as primates we need an alpha male genetically and God fulfills this purpose. It’s not moral or religious, it’s genetic.

We have a couple of interesting topics here. You say that the wandering tribes mistaking a volcano for God is impossible, but you also say that’s what probably happened, so I’m not sure what your view on this is. Personally, I don’t think that’s a likely scenario.

It’s definitely possible that humans are genetically programmed to want to be taken care of by some higher power. It’s also possible that religion is a side effect of human intelligence — we seek answers and are uncomfortable when we can’t find answers, so we tend to fish for possible explanations to fill the gaps. Humans also have excellent pattern identification abilities, and I think this may sometimes lead us to see patterns in nature or random occurrences and attempt to find explanations for them, when in reality no explanation is necessary.

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