November 2007

I stumbled upon your site (literally, I got here from and I have to say you handle the hate mail with eloquence and dignity. I always find it kind of sad that the devout followers of Jesus, probably (whether he existed or not) the greatest moralist ever, find it hard pressed themselves to follow his example.

I am a deist myself. I won’t go into the details of my belief system but they are similar to what Jefferson, Ethan Allen and other Founding Father’s held tinged with a bit of Buddhism.

Anyway, back to our Christian friends. Like I said, it is kind of sad that people could dedicate their lives so intently to Jesus and his message and miss the message so completely. I’m reading Monkey Girl right now, which is about the Dover, PA trial about introducing Intelligent Design into that school district’s science curriculum.

And I am surprised to see how much, the only word I can think of is hatred, that some of the Evangelicals who wanted ID introduced showed to the opposition. It at times was vitriolic.

I am amazed at how threatened they seem to feel from those who do not share their views. I mean, they’ve doubled down their bets, if they are right, they win, if they are wrong and say, I am right, there is a creator but not the kind they follow, they still win because mine doesn’t come with the fire and brimstone. One has to think their actions speak more about themselves and the solidity of their beliefs rather than those questioning those beliefs.

Anyway, well done. Don’t lose sight of your own morality even if those attacking you have lost their way.


Thank you for the nice note. I wish that all people treated each other better, but I think that there is an extra burden on those who profess a philosophy of tolerance (and I include myself in this statement) to behave well.

I am also sometimes surprised by how strong a reaction some people have to those who do not agree with their philosophy. It’s truly unfortunate.

I disagree with you a bit about Christians having “double downed” their bets. You are right about their status after this life is over, but I think that in some cases they have lost something in this life. And since that’s the only life I think they get, I think it’s significant.

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