November 2007

Love the site. I found a lot of your hate mail very funny. “If evolution is true why aren’t monkeys turning into humans?” LOL

I consider myself a “weak” atheist like you consider yourself so I agree with most all you have on here that I’ve read. Keep making it amusing. Even though I tend to be an angry atheist because I lost religion just in the past few years, I really hope I mature into a more lighthearted outlook with regards to religion one day.

I admire that quality in you.

Thanks a lot for the nice letter. You’re right that I’m technically a “weak” atheist, but I really dislike that term. I like to think of myself as a moral atheist — someone who uses a method of investigating truth and morality that just happens to also lead me to atheism.

I appreciate the support, and am pleased that you are fighting against the impulse to be an angry atheist. I wish that all angry atheists knew this was something worth getting over.

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  1. Written by Unnamed
    on October 12, 2009 at 6:25 am
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    sir.. can u answered this or can i get your opinion about this..
    If evolution is true why aren’t monkeys turning into humans?
    many pro-god discuss this to our forum( L2forum)
    and they always called me FOOL..
    cuz.. i cant express my word in a right English.. hehehe..


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