November 2007

I have just finished reading your pre-copy of your 2Q book and I have a comment of some significance. I have to disagrew ith your idea that people would all agree that their philosophies should not contradict themselves. Religious people do this all the time! Atheists will agree with you, but theists will not and this ruins the point o fyour book.

I disagree. I doubt that there is anyone, theist or not, who seriously believes it’s okay to believe two things that are mutually exclusive. Yes, there are some people — including some religious people — who have mutually contradictory beliefs. However, I don’t think that these people realize that they are contradicting themselves — or, if it has been pointed out to them, they have a way of explaining away the contradiction.

I think that people, in general, would want to eliminate contradictory beliefs, and my book encourages them to do so.

Thanks for the input!

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