November 2007

In response to the first round of comments on 2Q, I’ve updated the pre-publication copy. For those of you who have already ordered it, don’t worry — the changes are largely cosmetic at this point. They did increase the page count, however, so the price has gone up to $8.26 (still just slightly above the printing cost).

The big change, though, is that you can now download the book instead of ordering a print copy. There are some issues that arise if a book is available for free on the Internet (it makes it harder to sell to a publisher later), so downloading the book will cost you $2. I would sincerely appreciate it if, after purchasing a download, you do not share it with others. Doing so would put the whole project in

Big thanks to all of you who have already purchased copies, particularly those who have sent in comments. Keep ‘em coming! As promised, I’ll keep the book available until the end of November or until 100 copies have been sold.

Both the download and the print version can be purchased through Lulu.

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