November 2007

you and I are on different wavelengths. you have arrived at your opinions by your own method of ratiocination. nothing I have said seems sensible to you. you will not admit to the fact that you do not know. I cannot prove there is a creator , nor can you prove there is not. the evidence as I see it points to intelligent creation, you seem to believe your evidence points another way. That’s the way it will have to be. enjoy your life as an atheist, there is no use in further discussion. if you get a chance, write to me about some of the joys of atheism, i’ve always wondered why someone would publicly declare their atheism. I see no advantages.

It sounds like our conversation is drawing to a close, and I’m sorry to hear that.

We certainly have different opinions on the subject at hand. You are right that I can’t prove there is no creator, and we are definitely drawing different conclusions from the same evidence. That happens sometimes.

I do enjoy my life. I don’t know if there are any “joys of atheism,” but I certainly find a lot of joy and wonder in the world around me, despite my not thinking it was designed.

I actually do see an advantage to publicly declaring my atheism. To not do so would be to actively hide my beliefs, and I feel that would be acting like I am ashamed of who I am.

Thank you again for the entertaining conversation.

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  1. Written by eyebeemer
    on November 17, 2007 at 8:42 am
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    Is this the final comment from your ongoing conversation with the fellow from exposingatheism? If so I’m disappointed because I was enjoying the conversation.

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