November 2007

I’m eighteen and have been an atheist for nearly my entire life, I simply never believed in God. I wasn’t raised into a religious home. Still, I am one of the most moral people I know. Many of my friends who consider themselves religious, feel that all they need is to believe in God, and that they won’t go to hell. Occasionally their actions would lead seem to be totally irreverent of any moral standards (societal or biblical.) Yet they still feel that they will be “saved” when their time comes. If there is a God, what kind of god would he be that would forsake a moral person for one who believes in him?

Honestly, I have nothing against those who are religious or believe in God (or gods for that matter.) Most of my disgust comes from the way the church portrays the religion, and how many churches have become something more of a corporate group rather than a place for people to find peace or what have you.

Regardless of any religious debates to be had, I found your site comical and your blog interesting. Especially the hate mail, coming from those who are supposed to love all of God’s children. My favorite piece however, had to have been “A Favorite Letter.” I found it to be moving, and important, especially to an atheist who has never had God in her life. Thanks. :]

The moral justifications of theists can be quite complex — or quite simple. I find that theists who say they are moral or “saved” but then just do what they wish really have no grounding in the morality they profess. It can be very interesting to discuss morality with these people, and in some cases it even gets them to examine their own behavior more closely (which is good for everyone).

As for those who believe that they are saved no matter what they do, they need to have a talk with their pastor or minister (I generally only see such statements from Protestants). They obviously don’t know what it means to have a “relationship with Christ.” True, Protestantism doesn’t require good works to get into heaven (as Catholicism does), but it doesn’t say that believing in Jesus is a free ride.

I’m glad you found the “favorite letter” as moving as I did. I’ve had a few of those (some not for posting on the blog), and they really make everything worth it.

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