November 2007

I “Stumbledupon” your site and, after poking around a bit, I have yet to find anything you have written that I disagree with. I have often wondered if I was alone in my beliefs (or lack thereof). Other atheist sites I have seen tend to border on militant anti-American separate church and state types. They seem to have as passionate need to persecute those who believe differently from themselves as any actual religion does. After all, the main problem with religion as I see it is that for any one religion to be true, all others must be must be false because if any of the others IS true then then your’s must be false and your whole life is based on a lie.

There are plenty of people out there who agree with us on religion, but we tend to be quiet. I think the rise of what some are calling “new atheism” isn’t helping things, since many of these new atheists come across as very intolerant and “in your face.”

I am not anti-religion (obviously), but I do think that at least some religions are wrong, and I encourage religious people to examine their own religious beliefs. Sadly, some people think that even this is evil.

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