November 2007


I am an atheist, I’ve been an atheist for eight years or so, I’m 15. I enjoy reading your blog, and I’d like to say somethings I’ve found.

After reading in the ‘personal attack’ section, of your comments, I noticed that you reading the bible cover to cover was what set you to atheism, and it made me think of the connection I myself (I realize its quite hard to believe, being that I’d have been, around sevenish) turned to atheism after I had been planted into a Catholic School and out of boredom, read the entire bible, and peoples attitudes just put me firmly under the belief that organized religion who’s religious leaders (Popes, priests, bishops, evangelists) have promoted intolerance and hate over the years, and seeing first hand that how people seem to act around those who are different (Around my city people lie I are not too common) and I’ve been verbally attacked and physically attacked by my peers because of my differences and refusal to believe in Catholicism.

It seems quite amusing to me that atheists know more about the bible than those who claim to live by it, when in reality the vast majority of them listen to their religious leaders, bluntly put, the religious people I’ve met and seen are sheep.

I’m quite disgusted by their reactions on hearing you had lost your job, and I offer you condolences for that time, and hope it gave you the chance at a better job.

I may seem to be rambling on, I apologize for it, as its 5 am and my mind has shut off for the night, but I felt like sending you a comment before I forgot and put it off. So I’m deciding that I’ll cut it off here and comment more when I am more mentally active.

It’s true — and sad — that some atheists know more about the Bible than some theists. It’s also true that many people of all philosophical bents think they know the Bible but really only know how to quote a few passages out of context. It’s also sad that there are atheists out there who are just as much sheep as any blindly following theist.

I feel that the more people know and the more than look at their own beliefs, the better off we all are (that’s what my book 2Q is all about).

In closing, let me offer my condolences for the verbal and physical attacks you’ve received from Catholics. It doesn’t really make you want to convert, does it? Amazing how sometimes religious people are their own worst enemies. I’m proud that there are people like you out there helping to show the world good examples of atheism.

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