November 2007

I want to get things in order: papers, procedures, check out the gadgets, etc. before I can get down to the meat, which reading your thoughts is a big time consuming endeavor, which I don’t dread!

I’m an atheist, but when that gets out to the religious crowd, it hinders my attempt to talk reality. because whatever I say “is Satan speaking through me.” My approach is more an attack on Christian idea that there can be no morality without the religious factor. I counter with 1)a ntrong constitution based on ours,2)the golden rule, and 3)a strong desire to base enforcement of punishments on the libertarian approach-,i.e.,I’m legal as long as I don’t violate the right to freedom, protect property rights, and insure everyone gives the other a chance at the pursuit of happiness. Personally, i’ve found that an argument between these 2 sides only make each more steadfast in their own beliefs. Wasted!

Give me a little time to really get into the “pork of the situation” Basically I am a worshiper of Bertrund Russell.

Sometimes, discussions with theists are pointless. Other times, you can turn a pointless conversation into a useful one by spending more time asking questions than answering them. For example, if a person says you can’t be moral without God, ask them why they say that. Get them to explain their own morality. And, if you can, show that they, too, have morality that isn’t based on God, they just don’t want to say so.

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