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You are stupid, blind and ignorant to the point of retardation. you give word upon word about devotion to science but science proves without a doubt that there must be a creator. If you have the brain power and the will to listen to a moment of real reason which I doubt, here is truth. The universe has 20 physical constants like gravity, the expansion constant and the temperature where water freezes. If even one of these were even slightly different then we couldn’t exist. If all the possible values for gravity were ona number line that was as wide as the universe the only value for gravity that can sustain life would be a point on that line as small as an atom. All 20 constants are like that so the odds of them not being what they are is 20 times the width of the universe or impossible!

Science cannot answer these questions and when Richard Dog-kins was asked about it he couldn’t even answer. The only possible answer is Jesus Christ, so get that through your thick petty little head.

You are mighty sure of yourself for someone who is thoroughly wrong. Ignoring your terrible attitude and your inability to construct a logical argument or calculate odds, there are still many things wrong with your supposed proof of my ignorance.

For example, you say that physical constants have many possible values, but how do you know this? Do you know the workings of the universe with such precision that you can tell me what is physically possible and what is not? I doubt it. And without that kind of knowledge, your argument might as well be that your height proves the existence of God because you might be any height from one inch tall to a mile tall, but divine intervention is proven by the fact that you are the precise height to ensure that your pants fit.

And even if there is a range of possible values for the gravitational constant, etc., and even if you could prove that human’s couldn’t exist under those conditions, can you prove that no conceivable type of life could exist under those conditions? And even if you could, do you think it’s any surprise that we find ourselves in a universe with physical constants that make our survival possible?

Seriously, you need to thoroughly refine your argument before you start calling those who disagree with you names. Otherwise, you just end up making yourself look like a fool.

Posted on November 26, 2007 at 3:59 pm by ideclare · Permalink
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  1. Written by Anonymous
    on February 12, 2008 at 5:56 pm
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    “Dog-kins?” Really?

  2. Written by Mytho
    on April 20, 2008 at 9:42 pm
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    This guy must be one of those who have so little faith, that need of science to make them think that there’s actually some weight behind their particular delirium.

    I respect a lot more those folks who have faith, regardless of the overwhelming evidence against the very existence of ther sky fairy father, and don’t need the concourse of science to make them feel more at ease with their beliefs.

  3. Written by nghtshd
    on June 23, 2008 at 10:20 am
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    Anyway, my pants don’t fit very well at all, so where is his God now?

  4. Written by Will
    on September 9, 2008 at 4:25 pm
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    Lay off the sauce Kirk Cameron. It’s the recycling of the “look at trees” argument and is equally as weak.

  5. Written by Louie the 13th
    on May 15, 2009 at 1:17 pm
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    ridiculous and so aggressive yet again. why is this person making out that the universe and human life all happened at once like some kind of miracle? this also appears to be the reason why they also believe so strongly that the chances of us existing without some kind of creator are impossible? the universe is surely immensely large and extremely old, (if time even affects the universe at all is another question) therefore whats to say that the universe has went through many stages before eventually being fit enough to sustain OUR life after eons and eons?? and yes, that is only including OUR life, there could have many before us and many could exist elsewhere.

  6. Written by crickets
    on September 14, 2010 at 12:14 pm
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    scientist: “so this constant X, with a value of 1.23, describes the ratio between Y and Z… you can see th-”

    creationist: “what? why?!”

    scientist: “what? wait, what? I told you, the ratio between Y and Z is 1.23, it’s a constant which describes the force of-”

    creationist: “but why isn’t it a million?”

    scientist: “well, because the values and Y and Z would need to be extremely different from what we observe to yeild a ratio anywhere near one million. the physical laws of our universe just don’t work that way. if Y was that large the sun would explode.”

    creationist: “oh.”

    creationist, much later: “and so you see, students, out of the entire range of possible values, Y just HAPPENS to be exactly what we need for life to exist… why, if it were any different the sun would explode! clearly, only god’s intervention can explain this precisely tuned value.”

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