November 2007

I was curious if anyone had ever discussed the point of deciding whether or not there is a God, diety, etc. I say this because I consider myself an “apathetic agnostic” in that I just don’t care whether or not God exists. I consider a Supreme Being’s existence, or lack thereof, utterly inconsequential to my daily existence. As for the greater metaphysical questions, for me the answers to those too mostly seem irrelevant in shaping the guidelines for being a basically good person. Does that nuance still place me squarely under the title “Atheist”?

Saying that you are an agnostic (of any kind) says that you have considered possible proofs for the existence of a deity and decided that no proof is possible, either for or against. If you’re just not interested, then I’d say you’re likely not an agnostic. If you don’t have religion, you’re an atheist.

I’ll add to this by saying that if you aren’t interested in deities or religion, there isn’t any reason to spend a lot of time worrying about them. You’d do better spending your time developing your personal morality, and from your letter it sounds like that’s what you do. Good for you!

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