December 2007

First of all I must say I regret the incredible lack of serious reactions on your blog. Even though it is obviously intended as a serious invite to a rational discussion.

I’ll try to make up for it.

I regret the fact that you chose to be an atheist. I aknowledge the fact that there is little to no proof that christianity (or any other religion for that matter), but that does not that atheists must be right. The simple fact is (in my opninion) that if you would write down all the arguments that proof there is a god next to all the arguments that deny the existence of god, they will just add up to zero. (It will not actually add up to zero, the both argumentations would just be of equal strenght.) The only justifiable point of view would be to have none. In other words have an agnosticor even sceptic point of view.

Of course I’m not saying that my point of view would be the best one, because having an opinion about something is a very admirable thing as well. I basically just want to say: “Do we really know? “

Thanks for adding to the discussion!

I don’t think there’s any reason to make lists of pro- and anti-deity arguments. The burden of proof is all on the pro side, so they are the ones that need to make a list. Until such time as they have sufficient proof for the existence of deities, I will remain unconvinced that such things exist and will therefore remain an atheist.

You’re right that we don’t really know, but I’d say that at this point the possibility of God existing is so small that I feel confident in my philosophical position.

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