December 2007

Dear 2Q author (as I do not know your name),

Actually, I learned just recently that the guy who said he wa an atheist was lying because he is a jerk to everyone and likes making fun of others. The issue with the prostyelization is that they do not care about my well being. They just want to mess with people (except for two of them) and they think that I am just an oddity to harass. They are also not the people I want to learn Christianity from. They barely understand their own religion, and get it wrong anyways (except for those same two).

About the allowing evil for free will, that isn’t necessary. You could just worhip him in a different way, like Islamic, Jewish, and Christian religion does (for the most part). I am tired of people claiming insanity or getting off because of loopholes in our judicial system and their religion, and I hate how lenient we are with how we punish them. Free food, shelter, and medical care for life if they murder someone. Does that sound all that bad? I think that because we only have this life, we should be punished accordingly in this one, with the death penalty for rape and murder, except in exceptional cases. People are equal, at least physically and mentally, but others enslave and subjugate people just because they are “different”.

Something odd is, that while people can question government, ethics, and anything else, if you question religion you get your head snapped off and probably called a heretic. People were burned alive for not goibg to church at one time, even though they saved the lives of the burners with the herbs they studied. Oh, as a second thought, nice hate mail. I didn’t know satin had genitalia, or that people who shun free thought were good parents.

Thank you for responding to my e-mail, and I hope that your book does well. Could you make sure some copies get to Rapid City? That is near where I live and I would like to be able to get a copy some time. Don’t let any giant kid with a magnifiying glass burn you like an ant.

People who say that they are atheists just as an act of rebellion or to “shock” others irritate me, too. They’re just as bad as “holier than thou” Christians who, as you say, are more interested in puffing up their pride than “saving souls.”

Regarding punishment, I think we have to find a balance between what is moral, what is just, and what is practical. I am not against the death penalty in principle (for reasons similar to your own). However, I consider it a great evil to execute someone for a crime they didn’t commit, and I am not confident in our ability to prevent innocents from being put to death. For this reason, I am very cautious about when I say that the death penalty should apply.

I agree that there is often more respect given to religious beliefs than is given to other kinds of beliefs. Sometimes I think this is appropriate, but often it is not. Frankly, though, much of the time when I see someone getting their “head snapped off” for questioning religion, it is as much because of how they are asking as what they are asking. But you are right that even when perfectly reasonable questions are asked about religion it can be taken as some kind of insult (this happens online all the time).

When my book finds a publisher, I’ll be sure to mention Rapid City. I’ll count on you to get people into the book store, though!

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