December 2007

You sound like you are a reasonable and possibly likeable person. It is possible we will never know the truth about the force or entity that created the universe. I do not believe it was a man-conceived deity who is now interested in taking care of his flock, however, I cannot conceive this complex, complicated system we are part of happening by chance. There is something there. I really see no reward in trumpeting one’s religious beliefs, who cares what you believe in? How will this help your or any one else’s life? If there is no creator, what will you do that is different? Does this lack of belief and testimony show you are more intelligent, favored over others or more aware? Do you get a reward for being ”different”? Do you just like to argue with people who believe in the Bible? Will this make your children better citizens? Whether you believe in a deity or not, I would think you would agree that the teachings of the Bible make a very good blueprint for a good society. If everyone lived by the 10 commandments, we would have a much better society than we do now.

I certainly try to be reasonable and likable, so I’m pleased that that is the impression I’m giving. We disagree about the necessity for a creator, but I think it is a reasonable disagreement.

I also don’t see a reward in trumpeting one’s religious beliefs, but I don’t feel that this is what I’m doing. I am making my philosophy a point of discussion, and using it to try and help others both understand atheism and examine their own philosophy (as well as mine) for possible flaws. My ultimate goal is to promote clear moral and philosophical thinking, and there are many benefits to that (including making children better citizens) — whether you believe in deities or not.

In a general sense, I’ll agree with the statement that the Bible can be a blueprint for a good society. I’m not sure that everyone living by the 10 Commandments would necessarily make society better (since they are open to interpretation — there are examples of devout 10C believers killing their enemies’ babies in the Bible, for example). I would agree that society would be better if everyone had a well-thought-out moral system that they tried their best to obey, instead of a moral system that they tried to find their way around.

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