December 2007

Hello, I “stumbled upon” your website today, and found it interesting. At first, I thought it was going to be an atheist-bashing site made by a theist (this guess what because of the satire on the main page), so I was planning on emailing you with a bit of hate-mail saying how Christians of that kind are evil even according to their own religion(thou shalt not judge).

But, after reading through it, I discovered it was a pretty nice site. It seems to encourage theists and non-theists to look more into their religion (or lack of religion), and discover why they are that way or why they should change. There is nothing I can stand less than someone with blind beliefs, and anything to encourage someone to change their blind beliefs into informed beliefs, for or against atheism, is good to me. Which is why I would like to ask you to change your “Arguments against” page to have some arguments a bit more than just insulting Christianity, and how to prove to someone that “Ha, I’m more intelligent than you. ” — If you decide to change that page and need help doing so, or need help doing so while keeping the satire, please email me at the email address I’ve given you while filling out this form.

“Do you think that those who have a true belief without understanding are any different from blind people who happen to travel the right road? ” “Socrates”- Plato’s Republic, Book V (506cd)

Thanks for the nice letter! I certainly agree that informed, examined beliefs are far superior to uninformed, unexamined ones, no matter what conclusions they contain. You certainly read me correctly!

I understand your concern about the arguments page. But I think I’ll leave it the way it is for now — it’s a nice conversation starter and entertains atheists who (like me) have heard those tired arguments one or ten or a hundred too many times. There are plenty of places on the Internet where real responses to these arguments can be found, and I’ll gladly discuss the arguments in this blog.

By the way, the “arguments” aren’t intended as insults to Christianity. Rather, they are intended as insults to those theists who parrot “atheist stopper” arguments they’ve heard without really understanding what they are talking about.

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