December 2007

I’d not call it a moral code, if that’s not what it is. I know, I know, just a joke, but I’m bored and I study Practical Ethics ^_^

Personally? I’d get rid of “Don’t kill people” – justified under some circumstances. “Don’t be greedy” isn’t a responsibility, it’s a virtue. The responsibility is not to act in a greedy way, if you are predisposed to greed. Nobody has a responsibility to take the day off, I like working because I find it interesting, and whenever I’ve tried to take a break I just end up working again.

There are an awful lot of formulations of rights out there. As a virtue ethicist I don’t accept most of them. Tell people what to aspire to be like as people, and the rest will follow. Your code is just Judeo-Christianity without the God; you haven’t explained why we should act like that at all, other than cos you said so.

Anyways, thanks for the reply! It’s a nice site, I hope it makes people think about their stupid beliefs.

You’re completely right that my Rights and Responsibilities are just the 10 Commandments with God removed. The point being that atheists can have a moral system just as good as the Biblical moral system. Your feelings for which of the items should be changed or clarified seem to be well founded. However, I feel that my Rights and Responsibilities are just as clear as the 10C, and that’s the bar I was aiming at.

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