December 2007

My name is [Name], and I have been saved.

I’ve been saved from dogmatically wasting hours, days, years of my life. I have been saved from the lies and trickery of organized religion. I have been saved from vague fear and guilt. I have been saved from the main cause of pain, unhappiness, war, lies, ignorance in this world. I have been rescued from being a part of the most terrible thing to happen to all human kind since we first learned how to manipulate tools – Yes, I am saying that religion is collectively worse than the Holocaust, Hiroshima & Nagasaki AND the rape, abuse and murder of Africa and North America combined. You know why? Because at the very root, all of these were justified by the religions which shaped the societies that committed these horrible acts.

… I’ve been saved in a way so profound, so meaningful, that I wish to share it with the world. There were no burning bushes, no rejoicing angels, no shining stars or miracles. There was only an application of logic, intrigue, and a handful of Richard Dawkins and Douglas Adams books.

Wow — quite a powerful statement! I’m happy to share it with my readers.

Let me ask you a question: do you think that the cause of the evils you list is organized religion or is it what might be called the religious mindset? Religion was certainly used to justify the Holocaust — as you mention — but I don’t know that organized religion (in the traditional sense) actively justified it. I think there is a good argument, though, that being taught to think in an unquestioning manner by religion certainly makes a population more vulnerable to influence by evil or insane people (Hitler, Jim Jones, Stalin, and the like).

Some people find happiness, peace, comfort, or meaning in religion, but sometimes they do so at the cost of their intellectual integrity. It takes a lot of work to form a moral system and test your philosophical beliefs, and many people would much rather have the answer than have to work for the answer. The problem is that, once you allow yourself to believe without sufficient justification just because it is comforting, you leave yourself open to the lure of beliefs that sound worth having but are truly rotten to the core. And I truly believe that those who think a moral system has been given to them are much more likely to behave immorally than those who have to think hard about what is right.

Thank you again for the excellent message.

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