December 2007

Soulless Demon, I stumbled across your site and I think you are going to Hell!! Just kidding, I am also and atheist and I found a lot of good stuff in your blog. The hate mail is hilarious. Ill be checking back again to learn more.

Thanks for inspiring me, I going to pick up a copy of the bible to learn more about what I believe. Can you recommend a certain translation? Thanks for spreading the word or reason and I look forward to coming back! Josh the Moral Atheist :D

P.S. you are not a soulless demon you godless human!

The first translation of the Bible I read was the King James. There are translation problems, but I find the writing style pleasant, and in my opinion the first time through the Bible you should make it as easy as possible. The King James translation is also the source of many oft-quoted Biblical passages, so there is also a cultural-literacy reason for giving it a read.

If you have other criteria for choosing a translation, let me know.

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