December 2007

I think my most favorite thing about theists is that it seems that many of them like to threaten either A) Physical harm to you for being an atheist, thereby going against the teachings of the Bible as far as violence is concerned. B) They claim that you make assumptions about them as theists, but then go and make even more assumptions (and generally more ridiculous ones at that) about Atheists. And C) They love to claim that we Atheists have no moral code. Umm… Holy War anyone? I don’t think that a huge army of Atheists ever attacked the holy land or anything like that. But maybe I have my history wrong.

Fantastic site!! Keep it up for sure!

Item A is certainly baffling. Just how much do these people pay attention to their own beliefs?

Item B is just plain frustrating. I’ve had conversations in which I’ve been told what I “really” believe or why I “really” am an atheist, and no amount of correction will change the speaker’s mind.

From the point of religion, item C should be more about following a moral code rather than having one. As you point out, having a moral code doesn’t guarantee that you won’t behave immorally. (As an aside, many people point at wars started by Communist countries as examples of “huge armies of atheists,” but the point should be that there has never been a war justified by atheism or seek vengeance for violation of atheistic principles or belief.)

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