December 2007

How might I secure this absolute “free will” you speak of, when I am BOUND to a list of atheistic rights & responsibilities?

And what’s this? ? Now you’ve gone and notified the government, for shame! Silly website, the government doesn’t know how to handle contradictions (they just cover them up).

Before you cornered me here, I was quite certain that I had no identity… and I thought that perhaps I could be every man in history. But now you’ve proclaimed me an atheist, and I have a fashionable new cage to incarcerate my infinite and formless nature within. Thank you.

But that’s neither here nor there.

What’s important are my duties as a “rational being”: I pay homage to our Lord and Master, my new holy idol, Reason. May He forever shine the searing light of of rational justification–er, I mean Truth–in the prolific faces of beauty, and all that other shit that we can’t write science books on.

You are bound to moral rights and responsibilities by your desire to be a moral (or, at least, intellectually consistent) individual. That doesn’t take away your free will — a free person has choices, even when there is only one moral option.

I think that Reason makes a good master. It should be master of us all — whether theist or atheist. That would truly make the world a better place.

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