December 2007

Isn’t it reasonable to believe in some kind of creator when you look at the miracles all around us? Take for example a DNA-molecule, a regular tree or a fish… the beauty of nature if you will. I’d say that makes it a 50/50-chance that there is some kind of higher being.

As for the bible, god dividing the red sea, people living to be 900 years old. I mean, it just doesn’t work that way…

(Remember: You can’t argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.)

Nature is a wonderful thing, filled with beauty that delights the senses and mysteries that reward our investigation. But are nature’s wonders miracles? Only in the sense that they are amazing — not in the sense that they could only exist through divine intervention.

I see nothing in nature that can’t possibly be explained without a creator. And given what a huge leap it would be to posit a supernatural being, I’d say that the odds of their being a creator (vs. the odds that we just don’t know everything yet) are much worse than 50/50.

As for the Bible — if you allow miracles, then why couldn’t it work that way?

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