December 2007

While I don’t agree with your viewpoint about religion, I have found your perspective incredibly well presented and have enjoyed reading about a philosophical perception that is so opposite mine.

That, and I thoroughly enjoy the remarks you so enthusiastically post in response to “vile hate mail.” Seriously, I appreciate the witticisms, and even us religious-folk (if that’s an appropriate term, but who really strives to be politically correct nowadays anyways?) have to laugh at some of our own “kind” sometimes. Especially those who lack the common courtesy to understand that there are people who view the world differently than they do–a principle that, had they been paying attention in Sunday school, is a core belief inmost religion.

Your sarcasm is “en pointe.” I look forward to reading more.

Though I’m sure it’s sacreligious to say, I’m a fan of your writing. Hah a, God will jus thave to get over that one.

I can only assume that God would appreciate a believer who read my writing and still believed more than one who refused to be exposed to anything that might be a test of faith. Thanks for reading, and glad to have you aboard!

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